Wenhance Asia

We're Now More Than Real Estate Investments Company!

Dear Shareholders,
This is an Important Announcement for you. Shortly, you are about to get the same great service you're accustomed to under a new company name!
Wenhance Realtors i.e. 'Wenhance Realtors Pvt Ltd' a leader in Real Estate Services Since 2016, is now under process changing its Name to Wenhance Asia Pvt Ltd. This is to better symbolize our expanding range of worldwide capabilities, especially in the Asia Region.
This means you will receive the same services which were previously offered under the banner of Wenhance Realtors Pvt Ltd with the same responsive service, dedication to excellence you've come to rely on, now from Wenhance Asia Pvt Ltd.
But you also get an enhanced system - a one-stop resources with expandable capabilities - for meeting your total Real Estate Investments requirements - both domestic (India) and International (Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore).
You will notice our name change soon on all our mailings, invoices, and branding materials. It's still the same company, same board directors, same hr management & administration department, just a new name.
We would highly appreciate it if you would bring this announcement to the attention of your accounts payable department and direct them accordingly.

To check the 'Name Change Process' status Click Here.
Visit our 'Official Website' at www.wenhance.asia
To contact us, mail at mail@wenhancerealtors.com
To contact Billing Department, mail at billing@wenhancerealtors.com

We're Now Wenhance Asia Pvt Ltd - More Than Real Estate Investments!